Apr. 18th, 2012 08:06 am
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I'm officially a member of the [community profile] dramallamas. Go me :)

But you should all join one of our teams, it looks to be loads of fun and you know you never can have enough of that.

Just go and join a team, and let the fun beginn.

Join [community profile] thefandomzoo!
A new landcomm on Dreamwidth celebrating all fandoms through graphic,
writing, and game challenges.
The Fandom Zoo is open to television, film, comics, books, and games.
Our three teams are The Badass Bears, The Drama Llamas, and The Party Penguins.
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I can't really belive it but after nearly a year I made new fanart :)
I present you:



and for [personal profile] acari


Originals are posted at my tumblr
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I think there are russian voices coming from my speakers.
Is that normal or should I call someone before I go and kill my neighbours cat?

ETA: I just googled it and it seems that it has something to do with radio waves connecting with the speakers bekause they don't have enough shielding. WTH! :)
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BY ROGER EBERT / December 28, 2011

Box office revenue at movie theaters "lagged far behind 2010," an article by the AP's David Germain reports. Partly that was because the year lacked an "Avatar." Partly because a solid summer slate fell off in the autumn. Germain talks to several Hollywood insiders who tried to account for the general decline of ticket sales; 2011 had "smallest movie audience since 1995." I have some theories of my own, fueled by what people tell me.

1. Obviously, the absence of a must-see mass-market movie. When moviegoers hear about "Avatar" or "The Dark Knight," they blast off from home base and land in a theater seat as quickly as they can.

2. Ticket prices are too high. People have always made that complaint, but historically the movies have been cheap compared to concerts, major league sports and restaurants. Not so much any longer. No matter what your opinion is about 3D, the charm of paying a hefty surcharge has worn off for the hypothetical family of four.

3. The theater experience. Moviegoers above 30 are weary of noisy fanboys and girls. The annoyance of talkers has been joined by the plague of cell-phone users, whose bright screens are a distraction. Worse, some texting addicts get mad when told they can't use their cell phones. A theater is reportedly opening which will allow and even bless cell phone usage, although that may be an apocryphal story.

4. Refreshment prices. It's an open secret that the actual cost of soft drinks and popcorn is very low. To justify their inflated prices, theaters serve portions that are grotesquely oversized, and no longer offer what used to be a "small popcorn." Today's bucket of popcorn would feed a thoroughbred.

5. Competition from other forms of delivery. Movies streaming over the internet are no longer a sci-fi fantasy. TV screens are growing larger and cheaper. Consumers are finding devices that easily play internet movies through TV sets. Netflix alone accounts for 30% of all internet traffic in the evening. That represents millions of moviegoers. They're simply not in a theater. This could be seen as an argument about why newspapers and their readers need movie critics more than ever; the number of choices can be baffling.

6. Lack of choice. Box-office tracking shows that the bright spot in 2011 was the performance of indie, foreign or documentary films. On many weekends, one or more of those titles captures first-place in per-screen average receipts. Yet most moviegoers outside large urban centers can't find those titles in their local gigantiplex. Instead, all the shopping center compounds seem to be showing the same few overhyped disappointments. Those films open with big ad campaigns, play a couple of weeks, and disappear.

The myth that small-town moviegoers don't like "art movies" is undercut by Netflix's viewing results; the third most popular movie on Dec. 28 on Netflix was "Certified Copy," by the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. You've heard of him? In fourth place--French director Alain Corneau's "Love Crime." In fifth, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"--but the subtitled Swedish version.


I have to say that I second every point on this list, except maybe the first but not even that is totaly wrong.
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I just read that lj has some other changes for us.
Here is a post from [livejournal.com profile] bookshop which we shall call DELETED FUCKING COMMENT.
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God, 31 years old. Where did the time go. I still don't feel a day older than 16 and am probably just as mature. :)
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I hope all of you have a wonderful time :)

I got back from X-mas brunch at my aunts (fathers side) and now I'm not entirely sure if I still fit into my party dress for tonight *G*


Dec. 21st, 2011 11:20 am
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I just found myself in a position where I recognized a 'Toddlers & Tiaras' contestant in another show. How sad am I that I watch enough of that crap that I even know the people *sigh* It felt like my most shameful secret came out to haunt me. I mean god this show is so trashy, but it's also like the best crack ever *G*

But back to the shock moment.
I currently watch a lot of weird TV because I can't go to the gym and I need to fill some time *G* So while I was watching an 'Our America' episode about extreme parenting I thought to myself, 'Hey you know that mother!!' and right, she was in the last T&T episode having a total meltdown. And by meltdown I mean she ran out of one room and threw a tiara through another, while screaming about how awful this pageant was and that they where all crazy to just give her girl a princess title (which it seems is bad?!). The funny thing was that in the OA episode, in the end, she talked like the whole pageant thing is just overrated and made herself looking like she might stop. But then in the T&T ep she was like all those crazy moms, putting the spray tan on a crying child.

So, the question is: How stupid or famecrazy can you be to do two reality shows and say two entirely different things??.
On the other hand, how sad of a person am I to even think about stuff like that *G* I really need a life *sigh*
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US Moves Toward Banning Photoshop In Cosmetics Ads

Procter & Gamble has agreed to never again run an ad for its CoverGirl mascara because it used "enhanced post-production" and "photoshopping" to make eyelashes look thicker than they were in real life. P&G agreed to the ban even though it disclosed in the ad that the image was enhanced.

The move is the latest in a series of baby steps that U.S. and international advertising regulators have taken to ban the use of Photoshop in advertising when it is misleading to consumers.

The company's decision was described in a ruling by the National Advertising Division, the U.S. industry watchdog that imposes self-regulation on the advertising business. NAD is part of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. Its rulings are respected and followed by most advertisers because it enjoys a close relationship with the FTC, from which it has historically drawn some of its senior staff. Recalcitrant advertisers who refuse to withdraw or amend misleading ads are referred by the NAD to the FTC, which has the power to fine, sue or bring injunctions against companies.

When asked whether this was a de facto ban on Photoshop, NAD director Andrea Levine told us:

"You can’t use a photograph to demonstrate how a cosmetic will look after it is applied to a woman’s face and then – in the mice type – have a disclosure that says ‘okay, not really.’”

The ad in question was for CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara, which promised “2X more volume” on women's lashes. After reviewing the ad, P&G agreed to yank it. (A different CoverGirl ad is shown here.) The NAD ruling said:

"… [P&G] advised NAD it has permanently discontinued all of the challenged claims and the photograph in its advertisement. NAD was particularly troubled by the photograph of the model – which serves clearly to demonstrate (i.e., let consumers see for themselves) the length and volume they can achieve when they apply the advertised mascara to their eyelashes. This picture is accompanied by a disclosure that the model’s eyelashes had been enhanced post production."

In a footnote, the NAD said it was following the lead of its sister body in the U.K., the Advertising Standards Authority, which in July banned cosmetics ads featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington because they used Photoshop. The NAD said:

"Advertising self-regulatory authorities recognize the need to avoid photoshopping in cosmetics advertisements where there is a clear exaggeration of potential product benefits."

"... the picture of Ms. Roberts had been altered using post production techniques (in addition to professional styling, make-up, photography and the product’s inherent covering and smoothing nature which are to be expected), exaggerating what consumers could expect to achieve through product use."

The U.K. ruling found the use of photo retouching misleading per se.

In the U.S., the FTC has has also tightened rules to hold celebrities accountable if they make claims in ads they know cannot be true.

And in France, in 2009, 50 politicians asked for health warnings to be imposed on fashion ads if they showed retouched models' bodies.
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You are just evil!
I hate you so much right now :(


Nov. 30th, 2011 06:25 pm
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I just found these by surprise and thought I'd share :)
I present you: Larva Episode 1

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This epic sh*t is epic! They won over Britney and Lena *G*


Oct. 12th, 2011 09:22 pm
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I just want to point you towards a new fundraiser.
3 Day for the Cure Fundraiser was opend by [livejournal.com profile] outoftime to support a friends breastcancer cause. It's a good thing so please bid on something, offer your work or just spread the word.

Link tip!

Oct. 12th, 2011 11:25 am
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I just found this really cute blog called 'My Milk Toof - The adventures of Ickle and Lardee'.
The blog is all about the adventures of two milk tooth told through adorable pictures and a little text.

My Milk Toofhttp://mymilktoof.blogspot.com/

A behind the scenes vid:
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This is me. Hating my life!
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I just love my LotR boys :) They are still some of the coolest people out there and I adore them.
Dom and Elijah where at the Fantastic Fest. And they boxed *G* I swear just watching Elijahs intro made me pee a little *G*
The fight and the WoW discussion )
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Someone nominated my John/Water WP for the 2011 Gate Fic Awards and I won!!
58.33% voted for me. Thats so awesome.

Thanks to whoever nominated me. You rock :)
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