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I just found myself in a position where I recognized a 'Toddlers & Tiaras' contestant in another show. How sad am I that I watch enough of that crap that I even know the people *sigh* It felt like my most shameful secret came out to haunt me. I mean god this show is so trashy, but it's also like the best crack ever *G*

But back to the shock moment.
I currently watch a lot of weird TV because I can't go to the gym and I need to fill some time *G* So while I was watching an 'Our America' episode about extreme parenting I thought to myself, 'Hey you know that mother!!' and right, she was in the last T&T episode having a total meltdown. And by meltdown I mean she ran out of one room and threw a tiara through another, while screaming about how awful this pageant was and that they where all crazy to just give her girl a princess title (which it seems is bad?!). The funny thing was that in the OA episode, in the end, she talked like the whole pageant thing is just overrated and made herself looking like she might stop. But then in the T&T ep she was like all those crazy moms, putting the spray tan on a crying child.

So, the question is: How stupid or famecrazy can you be to do two reality shows and say two entirely different things??.
On the other hand, how sad of a person am I to even think about stuff like that *G* I really need a life *sigh*
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