Apr. 11th, 2011

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Today is the first day at my new job and I'm going crazy from nervs. *sigh* I hope everything turns out ok :)
Wish me luck *hugs*
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it totaly payed off. The new job is aweseome *G*
The people are very nice and the work is pretty cool. One of the guys is currently working on the popcorn design for Puss in Boots and stuff for the new Wicky movie. I'm so jealous *G*
My current project is senior homes *g* not exactly Movielishous but whatever.

There are only two downsides two the whole new job thing.
1. The toiletts are on the other end of the building
and 2. damn it's hot. They practicly don't have any walls just windows which make it kinda like a sauna *sigh* I was practicly melting *G*

Oh also I biked, which is crazy because it's quite a bit away and even further away than my last job (where I mostly went to by bus) but the weather was good and I thought it would be a good training. So I left an hour before I had to be there and biked my ass off. But then 'THE SHOCK' it took me 7 minutes less than to my old job. How is that even possible????

So that was my day so far. Now I'm pretty tired and still have to go to taekwondo *sigh* I feel faint ;)


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